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The Heads of Delegation had, during the 45th SGATAR meeting, endorsed the Taskforce’s recommendation to streamline SGATAR training-related subsidiary groups into a single training platform known as the “SGATAR Training Events“. In line with the endorsed direction, it follows that one of the key work streams in 2016, is for Taskforce to institute a structured and sustainable capacity building programme, including the delivery of training, to enable broader and systematic sharing of tax knowledge among SGATAR member jurisdictions.

Taskforce recommendations: Tranfer pricing competency roadmap and a training curriculum.

To better meet training needs in tranfer pricing in a structured manner, the Taskforce has developed a Tranfer Pricing Competency Roadmap and a Training Curriculum.

The transfer pricing competency roadmap sets out the technical competencies expected at each level of the three-level (basic/intermediate/advanced) learning pathway, and caters to varying levels of training needs among SGATAR members. Such a structured roadmap presents an opportunity for members to develop deeper skills, expertise and knowledge in the area of transfer pricing in a systematic way.

The training curriculum is developed based on the requisite knowledge and skill-sets outlined in the comptency roadmap. Taken together, both documents serve as reference material for SGATAR members who wish to offer tranfer pricing training in a more systematic way.

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