Study Group on Asia-Pacific Tax Administration and Research



The history of SGATAR spans more than four decades. During this time, SGATAR has played a critical role in promoting timely dissemination of relevant information and the exchange of ideas and experiences. The SGATAR culture has evolved into one of mutual assistance and open interaction among members.


Formation of SGATAR

At the 5th Ministerial Conference for Economic Developments of Southeast Asia (SEAMCED) in 1970, it was recognised that there was a need for a forum where tax planners and administrators in the region can share experiences and insights in evolving an ideal tax system. The Philippine delegation submitted a proposal providing for the creation of a Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research (SGATAR) for the Southeast Asia region. SEAMCED adopted the proposal and SGATAR was formed. In subsequent years, Japan (SEAMCED‘s main sponsor) provided equipment, technical assistance and funding to subsidiary groups, including SGATAR.